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Welcome to Ambrosia Glass Art
Ambrosia Glass Art features the artistic talents of Angelo Ambrosia. We offer fine quality glass art at affordable prices for all to enjoy as well as galleries of featured works.

Want to learn the art of glass blowing? At AmbrosiaGlassArt you too can learn glass blowing techniques. Classes begin regularly and we always welcome new students!

The creation of functional or gallery quality glass takes significant effort and time to achieve a desired result. By working directly with me, we can achieve a one of a kind custom pieces. A word about custom glass pieces. Each custom design I create is an idea or vision of mine in which your colors and shape become my inspiration. While every attempt is made to create works that is close to the desires of the patron, it is impossible for me to create unique works that are exact in color and/or shape. While the color and shape can be made very closely to the specifications, my glass blowing uses no machines to form the glass everything Is made by hand with basic glassblowing tools, therefore I can come close to what is desired and maintain a uniqueness. Multiplies and Sets can be created with some variations.
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